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Lijiang, China as it used to be

One of the world’s most exquisite towns, now lost, captured on video the very year I first saw it

Homs, Syria after five years of war

Drone video footage shows there’s no life left in Syria’s third largest city

The long, strange journey of checked luggage

Finally, the answer to how many chances are there along the way to steal my valuables

Syrian-American composer who plays for peace

A symphony for Syria reminds me of Sarajevo and the hope that cosmopolitan tolerance will survive

Activists in Raqqa exposing the Islamic State

We owe a great debt to the people documenting the devastation around them

Dennis Hlynsky starlings video

Flying things as you have never seen them before

Tracing the patterns of birds and bugs results in something very cool and almost abstract

A couple of unbelievably bad ideas

Exhilarating to watch, but profoundly ill advised

Every flight in 24 hours

This video reveals flights, yes, but also population densities, wealth, and history

Tattoo artist Duncan X

This wild video gives new meaning to the phrase ‘body of work.’

Prayer of Fear by Mosireen

The media collective Mosireen perfectly captures the current moment in Egypt

Shooting an elephant at MoMA

Douglas Gordon’s “Play Dead; Real Time” is terrific, even the way MoMA has installed it

My Bhutan video for Hermès

Moments from my journey for Hermès to the best-preserved corner of the Himalayas

Video drones over Taksim Square in Istanbul

When the police control the streets, video drones can see what they are up to

The Yugoslav war reappears in Syria

War never ends: it breeds skills that just get applied to perpetrating bad deeds later on

What an Omar Suleiman girl group would sound like

Mubarak’s Angel of Darkness would have yelped and wailed just like this

Christian Marclay’s The Clock and the essence of film

The most powerful exploration since Sergei Eisenstein of the way in which edits create meaning

Syria, citizen journalism and the New York Times

The paper of record embraces citizen journalism at last

A ride through war-torn Homs

It looks a lot like downtown Beirut after the civil war in the 1970s

Bruce Lee: Real? Fake? Whatever: I believe

Bruce Lee plays ping pong and lights matches with uncanny accuracy

What that Venus transit thing looked like

It won’t happen again for 105 years but, honestly, it is better on video

A few moments in the life of Hugo Chávez

A Venezuelan revolutionary to some, a dictator to others, but always colorful

Kony2012, the final indignity

What if you throw a party for one hundred million people and no one comes?

One hundred million acts of vanity

For #kony2012, Joseph Kony is just a MacGuffin; the real action is about us

Caught in the middle of a firefight in Syria

A terrifyingly close view of what it means to fight an irregular war in the middle of a city