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Sanity on immigration policy, near at last

Republicans still hate Hispanic cultural influence but they’re relenting on immigration policy

Peter Schjeldahl wanders blind through the Met’s new Islamic wing

He sees only difference where he ought to be able to see centuries of cultural exchange

The UN calls out the Iranian nuclear program

But what if Iran is just bluffing? Saddam did that and it worked for years

Seeing the Ryan Trecartin exhibit at PS1

His tedious stories replicate like fractals in a surfeit of superficially distinct artistic choices

Nicholas Lemann whitewashes urban life

There’s no more innovative force than the racial intersections that occur daily in cities

Is artist Ryan Trecartin any good? Who can tell?

New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl claims he’s great but doesn’t say why

A Guatemalan’s final video before his murder

Everything in this video is untrue, except a fundamental truth about violence in Guatemalan politics

Malcolm Gladwell’s inexplicable indulgence of an anti-Semite

Was the L’Oréal founder and Nazi collaborator merely a pragmatist, as Gladwell contends?

Reading the New Yorker on Islam and economic growth

The middle class everywhere competes on skills; in Egypt connections matter most. That’s the problem

Reading Ian Buruma on the division of Belgium

In the New Yorker, Ian Buruma misses the historical origins of the divide in Belgium