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Visiting Leila Menchari’s garden in Tunisia

An Hermès exhibit to honor Leila Menchari and my journey to her beloved garden in Tunisia

Li Xiaodong’s modest, radical architecture

The New York Times misses why a small library in rural China represents a great hope for the country

Focus Festival returns to Mumbai with a video from my previous exhibit

A new video includes photographs I exhibited in Mumbai two years ago

My journey to Bolivia for Hermès is out

Le Monde d’Hermès just published my account of my breathtaking trip to the salt flats of Uyuni

An Hermes shoe in lights, photo by Sean Rocha

At the Hermès party in New York

I capture how Hermès sees the world but last night New York was invited into the world of Hermès

My Bhutan video for Hermès

Moments from my journey for Hermès to the best-preserved corner of the Himalayas

My new Hermès article is now out

I travel to French Basque country for the latest in the series I write and photograph for Hermès

Photographing Cusco and the Sacred Valley in Peru

From Machu Picchu to the salt ponds of Salineras and the procession of the Virgen del Rosario

The new Le Monde d’Hermès looks at Inca stonemasonry

The Inca were an exceptionally advanced civilization yet, technologically, still in the Bronze Age

The last moment in history to see the tulou

The future is grim for China’s unique, centuries-old communal housing

The strange structures off Italy’s Adriatic coast

Italy’s trabocchi fishing platforms are of mythical origin. Are they related to ones in India?