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My pick for travel in 2016 is Iran

As I write in Travel + Leisure, for the traveler the nuclear accord makes Iran newly accessible

The ancient theater in Sabratha, Libya

Anarchy in post-Gaddafi Libya sends me into storage to find photos I took on my trip there in 2004

How I got to Libya one month after the embargo was lifted

Ten years ago the US lifted its embargo on Libya. I landed a month later. It was complicated

The Yugoslav war reappears in Syria

War never ends: it breeds skills that just get applied to perpetrating bad deeds later on

A vial of Saharan sand from the Acacus region in Libya

The Acacus felt so remote that, now, only something as material as sand confirms I was really there

Seif al-Islam captured in the Sahara

Last of the Gaddafi clan was found in the Libyan desert near Ubari, which I visited in 2004

They are dancing in Tripoli

Suddenly, the rebels have taken the heart of Libya’s capital and Gaddafi’s end is near

Norway and the loss of innocence

It was always a myth, a very Norwegian way to boast about their own modesty

Visiting the land of ethnic cleansing

The triumph of Sarajevo: cosmopolitanism survives the nativists’ war

How my journey to Beirut ended up on an art gallery wall

I had become a migratory subject for the artist Walead Beshty

The surreal experience of visiting Libya

With a Libyan human rights activist, racing through the Tripoli medina alleys to avoid eavesdroppers

Where the Egypt revolution began

Egypt’s current demonstrations build on years of work by civil society groups

So, is Ghent really better than Antwerp and Bruges?

Sean’s Ghent article in Travel + Leisure sparks controversy as local partisans weigh in