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Ta-Nehisi Coates is wrong about Trump voters

True, for many race defined this campaign but stating that bluntly won’t win them back

Narendra Modi mask at a BJP rally

Why Narendra Modi is a bad choice for India

India is too internally diverse to privilege any single group within society, but Modi will try

What is racist about Romney’s 47 percent claim?

The late Lee Atwater makes it clear: Romney’s 47 percent drives racists closer to rich white people

A stars-aligning moment to pass immigration reform

For the first time, Republicans need immigration reform as much as Democrats have always wanted it

What Obama lost in this campaign

Even with victory, Obama missed the chance to engineer a realignment of the US electorate

On the Egypt revolution and America’s War of 1812

A bad week in Egypt, but profound political change can take a very long time

Actually, in Egypt now it is Chirac vs Le Pen

Large parts of the political spectrum have no representation at all in the second round

In Egypt right now, it is practically Bush vs Gore

A Mohamed Morsy and Ahmed Shafiq runoff would crush those who believed in the revolution

On Egypt’s first (sort of) free and fair presidential election

For the first time ever in Egypt, no one knows in advance who will win the presidency

What will France do about the Far Right?

Ignore Marine Le Pen. The French were just fed up with Sarkozy, not mainstream right policies

Does this man look like a French President?

François Hollande seems inadequate to the challenge ahead but Sarkozy proved an unserious President

Did Gaddafi give Sarkozy 50m euros?

France’s dealings in Africa have often been sordid but Libya had seemed a break from this tradition

Expect a lot of Republican talk about the apocalypse

As Richard Nixon understood, anger and resentment are the ties that bind American conservatism

The incoherence of the Republican battle in Iowa

GOP social and economic policies are incoherent and none of the candidates knows how to hide that

What to make of the elections in Egypt?

Millions turned out, but will the electoral process prove worthy of the hopes invested in it?

Egypt votes today, but it’s a mess

The elections were badly organized, the military undermined them, but turnout has been significant

Beware, dictatorship can return

Voting is the answer, says this campaign in Tunisia

And God will give Gov. Rick Perry a dog whistle

Yesterday’s prayer rally gave us Rick Perry, sectarian leader, dooming his shot at the presidency