A couple of unbelievably bad ideas

If you click on the icon in the bottom righthand corner and watch this video in fullscreen of a two Russians breaking in to climb the world’s second tallest building (in Shanghai) you’ll undoubtedly think, as I did, that 1) wow, that’s pretty amazing and 2) that looks like one of the most ill-conceived ideas imaginable.

Take a moment to catch your breath because that won’t even be the worst idea you see today, once you watch this video below of rock climber Alex Honnold climbing a sheer vertical rock face in Mexico without ropes or harnesses. To be clear, he is 2,000 feet in the air on a rock ledge an inch or two wide held up by his fingertips. It is so insane I feel complicit, somehow, just for admiring his courage in doing it.


My guess is the Alex Honnold video was shot with a drone, an application I had not anticipated when I talked in a previous post about how to use drones to cover street protests.


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  2. Adrienne says:

    Whew! What a way to start my day… Anything I do today will seem easy. From the opening photo, I thought the free climber was YOU lol. We watched free climbers on Yosemite’s biggest stone face… It is the long periods of time when they just hang out there, not moving, that are heart-stopping. No second thoughts allowed (this, from the Queen of Second Thoughts). Hope you are having fun, wherever you are in the world! Adrienne

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