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Ta-Nehisi Coates is wrong about Trump voters

True, for many race defined this campaign but stating that bluntly won’t win them back

Police shootings database

Whatever the cause the sheer number of dead should impress us: 813 so far this year with weeks to go

Tracking the incompetent Trump cabinet

Bush’s team bungled Hurricane Katrina but they were professionals compared to Trump’s gang

Where the non-Christian Americans are

Christians abound but that does not make the US a Christian country

Sanity on immigration policy, near at last

Republicans still hate Hispanic cultural influence but they’re relenting on immigration policy

What is racist about Romney’s 47 percent claim?

The late Lee Atwater makes it clear: Romney’s 47 percent drives racists closer to rich white people

A stars-aligning moment to pass immigration reform

For the first time, Republicans need immigration reform as much as Democrats have always wanted it

What Obama lost in this campaign

Even with victory, Obama missed the chance to engineer a realignment of the US electorate

What an Omar Suleiman girl group would sound like

Mubarak’s Angel of Darkness would have yelped and wailed just like this

How the US is playing into the hands of the Salafiyeen

The US just told the Salafiyeen they have the power to affect aid talks. Big mistake

Marilyn Monroe fifty years on

Marilyn died half a century ago. Gosh, though, she photographed well

Fast and Furious ‘scandal’ is a GOP hatchet job

The gun lobby lambasts the Obama administration for not seizing enough guns. An election year irony

On the Egypt revolution and America’s War of 1812

A bad week in Egypt, but profound political change can take a very long time

What I saw at the (Occupy May Day) revolution today

The point of today’s large rally: “Memo to the 1%, this is so not over”

What did Nixon really know about Watergate?

Ron Rosenbaum points out Nixon ran the cover up but we still don’t know if he ordered the burglary

Mad Men is populated by Richard Nixon’s silent majority

When it comes to race, has Mad Men left the biggest lie until last?

What Steve Jobs saw in 1985

The most compelling reason to buy a home computer 27 years ago? The internet.

Why the global warming skeptics are skeptical

It is politics, not science. Global warming skeptics fear opening the door to government regulation

The hidden sword behind the US-Egypt NGO debacle

The NGOs were operating illegally. The Egyptian regime likes it that way

Romney has not gotten a job in a decade

It is a good thing Romney is rich because he is basically unemployable

The Atlantic opens our eyes to the American Civil War

The US Capitol building under construction and a country tearing itself apart

The Fantastic Four of the Republican race

A robot, a kook, and two flawed moralizing Catholics is really the best that the GOP can offer us?

When Memphis cared

When Martin Luther King was killed, John T. Fisher showed that not only blacks in Memphis cared

The Cincinnati Daguerreotypes of 1848

Exploring in high detail an America that was newly industrializing and soon to war with itself