My Bhutan video for Hermès

I went to Bhutan in March to write and photograph an article for Le Monde d’Hermès about archery, which is the national sport despite the Buddhist injunction against killing animals and in a mostly traditional society is played with high-tech bows at an extraordinary distance.   Bhutan is magical even before you get there: I took the photograph above on an unusually clear flight between Paro and Kathmandu.  The mountain on the left with the small wisp of clouds at the peak is Mt Everest, though the whole range of the Himalayas is spectacular in its scale.   This image was so awesome that it opens a video I shot of moments from my journey to add a new dimension to the text and photographs published in the Hermès magazine.  This is the first video I’ve shot for Hermès and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out: Bhutan is pretty spectacular and the video, I think, captures something of the spirit of the place.   The video is below. [Actually, Hermès has now taken it down from their site to make way for the new issue so I will insert it here as soon as I get a copy of the video file — until then, you can see the prior installments in the series I do for Hermès here].


Bhutan came on the same trip  that took me to Bombay for the opening of an exhibit of my photographs as part of the city-wide Focus Festival —  you can read about that exhibit here.


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