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Latest Work

Murder Plan movie posters, Calcutta, India, photo by Sean Rocha
Focus Festival returns to Mumbai with a video from my previous exhibit

A new video includes photographs I exhibited in Mumbai two years ago…

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Found Object

Penn Station thumbnail, from New York Illustrated 1910
New York City Illustrated, 1910

A century on, a tourist souvenir reveals the architectural wonders of a city long lost…

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Lamps, Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo
The cultural destruction of war in the Middle East

My beloved Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo may not be a total loss but much is elsewhere…

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Close Reader

Bashar al-Assad stonewalls Charlie Rose
Bashar al-Assad stonewalls Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose gets in a theater of the absurd debate with Assad and loses…

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That is Genius

The Syrian town of Kobani, photo by Bulent Kilic - AFP Getty
Activists in Raqqa exposing the Islamic State

We owe a great debt to the people documenting the devastation around them…

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