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Latest Work

James Baldwin at Lincoln Center
Hilton Als on Amiri Baraka and James Baldwin

Hilton Als met Amiri Baraka only once: at the James Baldwin tribute I directed at Lincoln Center…

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Found Object

Susanita in Mar del Plata, 1914, thumbnail
Susanita in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 1914

A too-grown-up girl bearing a Diane Arbus expression a century ago on an Argentine beach…

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Meghan Douglas by Mario Testino
On the Mario Testino exhibit in Buenos Aires

In Mario Testino's work everyone always looks like they're having fun…

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Close Reader

Assad the Dog graffiti thumbnail
Were the Turks behind the sarin gas attacks in Syria?

Obama publicly blamed Assad but Seymour Hersh contends Erdoğan was trying to force an attack…

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That is Genius

Dennis Hlynsky starlings video
Flying things as you have never seen them before

Tracing the patterns of birds and bugs results in something very cool and almost abstract…

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