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Iran photo by Luis Davilla
My pick for travel in 2016 is Iran

As I write in Travel + Leisure, for the traveler the nuclear accord makes Iran newly accessible…

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Found Object

CDG campaign poster, With You For You
Charles de Gaulle campaign poster

After the attacks by Islamic State in Paris the old slogan "With You, For You" is fitting…

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Le Ca Rillon in the 10e, Paris, photo by Sean Rocha
On the attacks in Paris

Le Ca Rillon and Le Petit Cambodge, both hit by Islamic State, were two of my favorites in Paris…

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Close Reader

Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia
The late Omar Sharif in a magazine called Alive

I remember Omar Sharif best for a 1997 interview in a forgotten magazine in Cairo…

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That is Genius

Homs, Syria after five years of war
Homs, Syria after five years of war

Drone video footage shows there's no life left in Syria's third largest city…

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