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Lijiang, China as it used to be

One of the world’s most exquisite towns, now lost, captured on video the very year I first saw it

The future of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s eternally unfinished church may actually be nearing completion

Li Xiaodong’s modest, radical architecture

The New York Times misses why a small library in rural China represents a great hope for the country

New York City Illustrated, 1910

A century on, a tourist souvenir reveals the architectural wonders of a city long lost

A historic find on the Bowery

A friend may have found the 18th C Bull’s Head Tavern under a construction site on the Bowery

Why James Turrell is perfect for the Guggenheim

Turrell turns Wright’s building — already a work of art — into a new and different work of art

The new Le Monde d’Hermès looks at Inca stonemasonry

The Inca were an exceptionally advanced civilization yet, technologically, still in the Bronze Age

In honor of the Delhi centennial

Running to catch the train to India’s capital

The last moment in history to see the tulou

The future is grim for China’s unique, centuries-old communal housing

Macau’s architectural legacy

A schizophrenic policy of sacrificing new land to preserve old buildings

Reading the Times on the architectural symbolism of Cairo

Much right and a few key things wrong about Tahrir Square in Cairo, the center of the revolution