Netherlands for Le Monde d’Hermès

The assignment that took Sean Rocha to the Netherlands for the first time in 2009 — late, given that Amsterdam is where many start their travels — was for Le Monde d’Hermès to photograph the legendary typographer Gerrit Noordzij.  He lives in a forest outside of Zwolle with a massive bookshelf that turned out to be a visual representation of the workings of his brain: conversation could go from 15th century calligraphy to 1970s Japanese photography in the blink of an eye as he ran to the shelf to find the tome that would reveal what connected the two thoughts.  After that experience, the usual sights in Amsterdam — canals and tulips and red-lit girls for hire — seemed almost sedate by comparison.

Click here to see the tear sheets for the Dutch typography article published by Le Monde d’Hermès in Autumn 2010.  The photographs below are outtakes from that assignment.

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