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Taking to the air to document a revolution

The remote-controlled toy helicopter comes of age

What the New York police are taught about Islam

Muslims are taking over the world. Run! No, fight! No, run!

Beirut Art Center at the New Museum in New York

Lebanese artists address how art is changed or destroyed by its display

Finally, propaganda I can believe in

The UK Foreign Office makes a stout defense of multiculturalism, just in time for the Olympics

Video of the Egyptian army running over civilians with APCs

But the Egyptian army rules the country, so it is the protesters who face military trials

The Libya my family knew in the 1960s

These archival videos make Libya look more modern than it was but many who knew it then loved it

Seeing the Ryan Trecartin exhibit at PS1

His tedious stories replicate like fractals in a surfeit of superficially distinct artistic choices

Moviebarcodes reveal the mood of a film at a glance

And who knew Stanley Kubrick used color the way Walt Disney did?

The Times’ Roberta Smith explains Ryan Trecartin’s art

Roberta Smith at least makes a case for Trecartin’s merits, unlike Peter Schjeldahl

Is artist Ryan Trecartin any good? Who can tell?

New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl claims he’s great but doesn’t say why

An art opening at Experimenta in Hong Kong

Unusually for Hong Kong, something unexpected might happen

Watching Dante in 3-D in a cathedral, and other New York transgressions

For a night, the New Museum turns all of Nolita into a video art space

A look inside Japan’s massive earthquake

Terrifying video footage of a Japanese supermarket as the earthquake hit

What the graffiti artist Blu should really be famous for

The graffiti artist Blu is more amazing than the canceled mural he was doing for MOCA in LA

From Egypt with love

If you’ve spent time in Egypt, the human warmth of this video will be familiar; if you haven’t, go