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Young man with pitchfork, Studio Maignet, Paris, date unknown

I collect old portrait cards all over the world but it was the semiotics of this one that intrigued me

Portraits of African elites in India 500 years ago

Who knew Africans ruled parts of India, including Bengal, centuries ago?

On the Mario Testino exhibit in Buenos Aires

In Mario Testino’s work everyone always looks like they’re having fun

Susanita in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 1914

A too-grown-up girl bearing a Diane Arbus expression a century ago on an Argentine beach

Portrait of a boy, Paris, early-20th C

A magnificent portrait found in Paris leads to two legendary photographers

The Indian Memory Project

Revealing the lives behind old photographs in India

In Paris, this photo is illegal

Street photography is against the law in the place in which it was born

Did the Renaissance invent individuality in portraiture?

Andrew Butterfield says yes; the Fayum portraits suggest no

Portraits from Lima, Peru, 1916

Tiny pictures from Peru of men in uniform and the women they courted

What to make of this 19th C. Arab-Chinese-Peruvian portrait?

Long distance cultural exchange began much earlier than we sometimes imagine

The Gaddafi family photo album

Gaddafi made himself a celebrity. Is that why the Times decided to publish his stolen family album?

The home life of rock stars, then and now

No one is that glamorous when at home with their parents

Hipstamatic at war

Who knew this iPhone app was wasted on Williamsburg but is at its best in Kabul

An evocative group portrait at a cafe in Egypt, 1934

A moment captured during an outing to Roda island in the 1930s

Debonair portrait: Pontremoli, Italy, 1920

A debonair young man in the 1920s sends his greetings to a lady

Portrait of a couple: Florence, Italy, c1900

A couple on the outskirts of Florence have their portrait taken in the early-1900s

Student railway pass: Bologna, Italy, 1941

A travel artifact from the Fascist era in Italy