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The generosity of the Quebec City eulogy

After the massacre at a Quebec City mosque, a lesson in how to defeat hate

My favorite museum in Cairo damaged by a car bomb

Terror attack on Egyptian police HQ badly damages the Museum of Islamic Art, an overlooked marvel

Pay no attention to these anti-American protests in Cairo

I was in Cairo 48 hours ago: there is no great wave of anti-Americanism right now

What the New York police are taught about Islam

Muslims are taking over the world. Run! No, fight! No, run!

Mapping the invisible city of Beirut

How a city fed up with thinking about war knows where the next frontlines will be

Peter Schjeldahl wanders blind through the Met’s new Islamic wing

He sees only difference where he ought to be able to see centuries of cultural exchange

On the Overblown Islamist Threat

Breathe deeply right-wingers: even the former Jordanian foreign minister doesn’t fear the Islamists

Tunisia votes, Islamists win

This is good news, actually

My journals on September 11th, 2001

I still can’t believe how slowly I grasped the scale of what was happening that day

Ten years gone

On the street, watching the World Trade Center fall and our nation misinterpret why it happened

In Egypt, the disillusionment sets in

Egypt had half a revolution that now needs to be made whole

A landmark moment in Turkey

The decades-long shadow play between the military and the state took a most dramatic turn last week

Into the darkness of the New York Times comments section

The central challenge for a superpower: strong views, little knowledge, limitless power to intervene

Reading about Sarkozy and French nativists

French cultural insecurity eviscerates the universalism of the Rights of Man

Reading the New Yorker on Islam and economic growth

The middle class everywhere competes on skills; in Egypt connections matter most. That’s the problem

The Muslim Brotherhood had a monopoly. Can they compete?

Mubarak gave the Muslim Brotherhood an unnatural monopoly on opposition. Can they compete?