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The amazing marginalia of In Search of Fatima

A reader hostile to everything lets her feelings be known

Israel, Prisoner X, and widely known secrets

Israeli denials about the anonymous prisoner who committed ‘suicide’ confirm how valuable he was

Pay no attention to these anti-American protests in Cairo

I was in Cairo 48 hours ago: there is no great wave of anti-Americanism right now

Mubarak the undead

Mubarak, Sharon, Arafat: there are new actors on the stage now and the old men have been forgotten

Arafat poisoned, world fails to notice

Al Jazeera asks: was Arafat murdered using radioactive polonium, like Russian dissident Litvinenko?

Ghost of Judith Miller returns to the NY Times

In the form of Ronen Bergman, whose cover story on Israel attacking Iran reads as propaganda

The official end of the Iraq debacle

A bad idea, but it will incubate like a latent virus in right-wing circles and return one day

Fashion collective threeASFOUR brings peace to the Middle East

Hardly: Muslim – Jewish cultural ‘togetherness’ is the easy part

Palestine goes to the UN

Palestine already exists. Only its form remains to be determined

On the Palestinian request for UN recognition

A former AIPAC lobbyist says Palestine is ‘imaginary’ and unworthy of UN recognition. Surprise

Google Maps finally does a better job hiding Tel Aviv

Israel’s many satellite image “parks” change their colors

Newsreel: ’67 War and party balloons for Red China

Newsreels declare: US neutral in ’67 War in the Middle East and Red China fears party balloons

The Mitzvah Tanks cruise Manhattan for Passover

A mitzvah on the spot for people on the go, it promises

1957: Israelis protest UN demand to withdraw from the Sinai

In a newsreel after Israel’s 1956 invasion of Egypt, Israelis rally in Tel Aviv against UN demands to withdraw from the Sinai

1956: Egypt claims Suez, a move called the biggest threat to world peace

A 1956 newsreel announcing that Egypt’s president Nasser has nationalized the Suez Canal, a move it calls the biggest threat to world peace

1956: Gaza fighting, space cadet elevators, and Grace Kelly

Making news in 1956: Gaza fighting, space cadet elevator operators, Grace Kelly getting married.