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Dead, but right, in Beirut

Hezbollah can’t kill everyone in Lebanon who believes it should give up its weapons

Car bomb in Beirut, invisible map revealed

Even in peacetime, every Beiruti knows which sect ‘owns’ each district

In Syria, the sectarian atrocities will commence shortly

Atrocities are tactical, deployed to shore up loyalty. Moments like this are when they are used

Beirut Art Center at the New Museum in New York

Lebanese artists address how art is changed or destroyed by its display

Mapping the invisible city of Beirut

How a city fed up with thinking about war knows where the next frontlines will be

When not at war, Beirut feels like Santa Monica

But the city braces as the UN accuses Hezbollah of assassinating Rafik Hariri in 2005

Samandal comic book, debut issue, 2008, Beirut, Lebanon

An eclectic mix of graphic styles and languages that captures the cultural mixed-up-ness of Beirut

Daunt Books tote bag, Marylebone, London

The bag that created a security risk in Beirut, Lebanon

How my journey to Beirut ended up on an art gallery wall

I had become a migratory subject for the artist Walead Beshty

Reading Slate on the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia

In Tunisia it may be Jasmine but in Lebanon it wasn’t really Cedar