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Ta-Nehisi Coates is wrong about Trump voters

True, for many race defined this campaign but stating that bluntly won’t win them back

The generosity of the Quebec City eulogy

After the massacre at a Quebec City mosque, a lesson in how to defeat hate

The late Omar Sharif in a magazine called Alive

I remember Omar Sharif best for a 1997 interview in a forgotten magazine in Cairo

Bashar al-Assad stonewalls Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose gets in a theater of the absurd debate with Assad and loses

The amazing marginalia of In Search of Fatima

A reader hostile to everything lets her feelings be known

Looking for Ukrainians to lead the separatist movement

Santa Claus and a dog whisperer among those leading the Ukrainian separatist movement

The New York Times shuts down India Ink

The Times gives up being local everywhere, returns to the parochial interests of a US audience

Why we still need newspapers

How a New York Times investigation of Walmart in Mexico changed the future of retail in India

Where the non-Christian Americans are

Christians abound but that does not make the US a Christian country

Were the Turks behind the sarin gas attacks in Syria?

Obama publicly blamed Assad but Seymour Hersh contends Erdoğan was trying to force an attack


An archive documenting the Rwandan genocide 20 years on, along with much else

Sisi builds his regime

Joshua Stacher explains the violence and repression in Egypt

98.1% of Egyptians vote for the Sisi constitution

By comparison, Mubarak only claimed 88.6% of Egyptians voted for him in his last election in 2005

Two constitutions, one triumph

Tunisia got it right with their new constitution while Egypt reverted to old authoritarian habits

Why hatred is easier than reason

Passion — even when wrong — stirs more than reason, which is why prejudice is so powerful

Robin Wright carves up the Middle East

Wright is wrong and her analysis risks looking prescriptive rather than descriptive

Draft articles of impeachment for Morsi now

Even elected leaders can lose their legitimacy; Egypt needs a legal statement to that effect

Egypt Independent is strangled in its crib

Independent journalism is a bad business everywhere but in Egypt politics makes it worse

Israel, Prisoner X, and widely known secrets

Israeli denials about the anonymous prisoner who committed ‘suicide’ confirm how valuable he was

Wal-Mart de Mexico; or, why we need newspapers

The New York Times digs deep for a piece of great journalism. What might they do in Egypt or India?

Bal Thackeray dying in India, violence expected

Of course it is: violence is the Shiv Sena default reaction to anything they don’t like

What Obama lost in this campaign

Even with victory, Obama missed the chance to engineer a realignment of the US electorate

Rendition and torture: how it happened

Everyone knows by now that the US and UK tortured captives. That should still shock us

New York Times op-ed on Syria is wrong about the Obama doctrine

How not to make the case for US intervention in Syria