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Robert Silvers was our greatest editor

Robert Silvers died this week but his New York Review of Books brought me years of pleasure

New York City Illustrated, 1910

A century on, a tourist souvenir reveals the architectural wonders of a city long lost

The Jeff Koons show at the Whitney is a failure

This exhibit will not change any minds about Koons so what was the point of mounting it?

An Hermes shoe in lights, photo by Sean Rocha

At the Hermès party in New York

I capture how Hermès sees the world but last night New York was invited into the world of Hermès

Hilton Als on Amiri Baraka and James Baldwin

Hilton Als met Amiri Baraka only once: at the James Baldwin tribute I directed at Lincoln Center

A historic find on the Bowery

A friend may have found the 18th C Bull’s Head Tavern under a construction site on the Bowery

Shooting an elephant at MoMA

Douglas Gordon’s “Play Dead; Real Time” is terrific, even the way MoMA has installed it

Why James Turrell is perfect for the Guggenheim

Turrell turns Wright’s building — already a work of art — into a new and different work of art

HOW and NOSM mural on the Deitch wall

The Basque street artists brave the New York blackout to paint their wicked new mural

East Berlin, New York

The hurricane brought scarcity and darkness to downtown Manhattan while the north wallowed in light

On viewing the Tatzu Nishi Columbus Circle project

Tatzu Nishi inverts Surrealism and makes you see a public landmark as if for the first time

What I saw at the (Occupy May Day) revolution today

The point of today’s large rally: “Memo to the 1%, this is so not over”

Graffiti history written on your sneakers

A new store on Lafayette in New York brings back 1970s graffiti artists for custom work

Kony2012, the final indignity

What if you throw a party for one hundred million people and no one comes?

Retna graf going up on the Deitch wall

It’s slow work but the graffiti artist Retna is dancing on the sidewalk along Houston St

The New York Times opens up its photo morgue

The coolest thing? The backs of the prints. The most surprising? The site is on Tumblr

Unseen Robert Frank photos at the New York Times

Promoting the New York Times on the eve of Robert Frank’s landmark book, ‘The Americans’

Weegee: self-promotion is his business

An exhibit at the ICP shows Weegee’s New York was gritty in the most unreal possible way

What the New York police are taught about Islam

Muslims are taking over the world. Run! No, fight! No, run!

Typography and world conquest

This exhibition shows the moment colonial expansion brought the Gutenberg revolution to the world

There’s a soixante-huitard feel to these Occupy protests

Will Zuccotti Park be the Blvd Saint-Michel of our era? These posters suggest a similar spirit

Gavin Russom plays Le Poisson Rouge

He designs and builds his own synthesizers and you can see what he’s up to this Wednesday

On the Carsten Höller exhibit at the New Museum

There’s too little to experience for an exhibit called ‘Experience’ but the slide is exhilarating

Where were you on September 11th?

Mapping where I stood on that day, and where others stood around the world at the same moment