Peru for Le Monde d’Hermès

Sean went to Peru on assignment for Le Monde d’Hermès to photograph (and write about) the strange and incredible Inca stonemasonry — strange, that is, because the Inca were among the greatest stonemasons in history (witness Machu Picchu) but did not use metal tools and managed a complex empire extending across thousands of miles of inhospitable terrain but did not have the wheel. Indeed, to many the Inca can seem like an ancient civilization as remote in time as the pharaohs but in fact they were contemporaneous with Leonardo da Vinci; that is not so very long ago, when viewed in the full sweep of human endeavor. For Hermès, a House built on craft, the affinity for these great craftsmen was clear and the assignment was to photograph the finest examples of their work and place it in the larger context of Peru.

Click here to see the tear sheets of the article published in Le Monde d’Hermès in Spring 2012.  Some of the outtakes from that assignment are below.

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