The ancient theater in Sabratha, Libya

Ancient theater of Sabratha, Libya, photo by Sean Rocha

Most of the found objects I post are things that I have come upon in my travels but have not created myself, but recently I was reading about the downward spiral of violence in Libya following the revolt against Gaddafi a couple years ago and went looking for the slides I took on my trip to Libya in 2004. I went on assignment for Travel + Leisure within weeks of the lifting of the international embargo against the country. It was a nightmare trying to get permission to go — you can read about that here — but it was an amazing experience and the article that resulted (you can read it here; I also shot the photographs for that piece) is one of my favorites.  I once posted a vial of rose-colored sand I collected in the Acacus in southwestern Libya, near the border with Niger, in what has become a remote and improbable Saharan traffic route for captured weapons feeding the conflicts in Mali and elsewhere.  But the images above are a set of old 6×6 slides I took of the ancient Roman amphitheater in Sabratha, along the Mediterranean coast.  Given the anarchy of post-revolutionary Libya you never know how many of these heritage sites will be damaged or destroyed, as has happened to devastating effect in Aleppo.


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