Chikashi Miyamoto on bespoke suits and biking for children

Chikashi Miyamoto and I most often talk about Japan (where he was born), Antwerp (where he now lives), and style (which he breathes) so there were many surprises for me when I heard that he was taking up a challenge hosted by the Quintessentially Foundation to bicycle 750km from London to Edinburgh next month to raise money for the UK children’s charity The Place2Be.  The first surprise was the unexpected athleticism of bicycling — though, naturally, it turns out Chikashi is involved with a group of retro racers in Belgium whose appreciation of classic bicycle design is without equal.  But the second, and more important, was his commitment to aiding children.  The Place2Be focuses on supporting children who are the victims of bullying and domestic abuse, which is an experience that without help can be life shaping but is invisible enough to fly under the radar of many children’s charities.  The goal is for Chikashi’s group of riders to raise more than £200,000 to aid their work — visit Chikashi’s website to learn more or donate to the cause.


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