What the graffiti artist Blu should really be famous for

In December, Jeffrey Deitch, the new director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, canceled the painted mural the museum had commissioned from Bologna-based graffiti artist Blu for one long exterior wall of the museum, setting off a debate about censorship and artistic patronage. Never mind that: this video shows the mad genius Blu brings to the utilization of urban space when given the freedom to do so.


Before decamping for LA, Jeffrey Deitch used to curate a famous graffiti wall in New York — click here to read about it and the work of French street artist JR. Or here to see my post about a video of parkour kids in Palestine doing daredevil leaps from the destroyed infrastructure in Gaza. Or here to read about the night that the New Museum on the Bowery became the world’s biggest video projection screen. Or here to see my photographs of street art.


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