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The Egyptian police beat protesters senseless

The video is hard to watch but it shows why freedom in Egypt has not yet been won

Goodbye, Earthlings

Kim Jong-il departs for some distant galaxy of coiffed hairdos and Politburo-issue safari suits

Hitch 1949-2011

Christopher Hitchens wrote like a polymath on a bender and his bombast was a pure reading pleasure

The official end of the Iraq debacle

A bad idea, but it will incubate like a latent virus in right-wing circles and return one day

Paula Scher on the spirit of typeface

PBS has an evangelical video for those who still look through type without noticing it

In honor of the Delhi centennial

Running to catch the train to India’s capital

Mapping the invisible city of Beirut

How a city fed up with thinking about war knows where the next frontlines will be

Fashion collective threeASFOUR brings peace to the Middle East

Hardly: Muslim – Jewish cultural ‘togetherness’ is the easy part

Back flips off the destroyed infrastructure in Gaza

Bringing the daredevil leaps of parkour to the bombed-out buildings of the Gaza Strip

Sharia El Aziz Osman street sign, Cairo, Egypt

I used to live on this street in Zamalek and have now given it to the protagonist in my novel