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On Arab intellectuals during the revolution

Really, did anyone need an intellectual to tell them what the revolution was about?

Beware, dictatorship can return

Voting is the answer, says this campaign in Tunisia

Tunisia votes, Islamists win

This is good news, actually

Hypnotism for Everybody by Pandit Lakshmi Doss, Chennai, India, 2004

It reflects a particularly Indian fondness for mystical possibility paired with a gift for gab

What to make of this 19th C. Arab-Chinese-Peruvian portrait?

Long distance cultural exchange began much earlier than we sometimes imagine

Robert Clark’s extraordinary photos of Peru

They are beautiful but also temporally confusing in unexpected ways

Reading the 1913 report on the discovery of Machu Picchu

How did Hiram Bingham ‘discover’ the Lost City of the Incas? He asked directions. Typical