On the attacks in Paris

Le Ca Rillon in the 10e, Paris, photo by Sean Rocha

Some years ago I wrote about how street photography in Paris was illegal owing to exceptionally restrictive privacy laws and used the photo above of Le Ca Rillon to illustrate my point.  I took that photo while waiting for my usual order of natin at the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge across the street, which I would take to eat along the nearby Canal St-Martin.  I suppose there was nothing special about Le Ca Rillon except insofar as every terrasse in Paris has a certain bonhomie that is not found elsewhere.  But a few days ago it, and Le Petit Cambodge, were strafed by machine gun fire and now, sadly, they look like this, a monument made of flowers and candles:

Flowers and candles at Le Ca Rillon - photo Ian Langsdon EPA


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