Latest Work

Visiting Leila Menchari’s garden in Tunisia

An Hermès exhibit to honor Leila Menchari and my journey to her beloved garden in Tunisia

Robert Silvers was our greatest editor

Robert Silvers died this week but his New York Review of Books brought me years of pleasure

My pick for travel in 2016 is Iran

As I write in Travel + Leisure, for the traveler the nuclear accord makes Iran newly accessible

Li Xiaodong’s modest, radical architecture

The New York Times misses why a small library in rural China represents a great hope for the country

Focus Festival returns to Mumbai with a video from my previous exhibit

A new video includes photographs I exhibited in Mumbai two years ago

My shoot in the Sundarbans near Calcutta

Going off-road and off-grid to document an NGO’s work in West Bengal

My journey to Bolivia for Hermès is out

Le Monde d’Hermès just published my account of my breathtaking trip to the salt flats of Uyuni

An Hermes shoe in lights, photo by Sean Rocha

At the Hermès party in New York

I capture how Hermès sees the world but last night New York was invited into the world of Hermès

Hilton Als on Amiri Baraka and James Baldwin

Hilton Als met Amiri Baraka only once: at the James Baldwin tribute I directed at Lincoln Center

My Bhutan video for Hermès

Moments from my journey for Hermès to the best-preserved corner of the Himalayas

Sanity on immigration policy, near at last

Republicans still hate Hispanic cultural influence but they’re relenting on immigration policy

My exhibit at the Hermès gallery in Bombay

The response was even better than I could have hoped at Bombay’s first-ever photography festival

An upcoming exhibit of my photographs in Mumbai, India

Prints and an unusual still/motion projection about how urban space around the world is inhabited

My new Hermès article is now out

I travel to French Basque country for the latest in the series I write and photograph for Hermès

On Egypt’s constitutional referendum

The Muslim Brotherhood has changed its political strategy, a loss for everyone

What is racist about Romney’s 47 percent claim?

The late Lee Atwater makes it clear: Romney’s 47 percent drives racists closer to rich white people

A stars-aligning moment to pass immigration reform

For the first time, Republicans need immigration reform as much as Democrats have always wanted it

East Berlin, New York

The hurricane brought scarcity and darkness to downtown Manhattan while the north wallowed in light

On viewing the Tatzu Nishi Columbus Circle project

Tatzu Nishi inverts Surrealism and makes you see a public landmark as if for the first time

The embassy mobs and Obama’s ‘failure’ in the Middle East

Is Obama’s policy in the Middle East in ‘epic collapse’? Hardly. But serious people have doubts now

How the US is playing into the hands of the Salafiyeen

The US just told the Salafiyeen they have the power to affect aid talks. Big mistake

Christian Marclay’s The Clock and the essence of film

The most powerful exploration since Sergei Eisenstein of the way in which edits create meaning

In Syria, the sectarian atrocities will commence shortly

Atrocities are tactical, deployed to shore up loyalty. Moments like this are when they are used

The Egyptian Angel of Darkness passes away

For the US, Omar Suleiman was ‘our man in Cairo.’ That only makes it worse