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Car bombs and gangsters in Malta

I found that the Maltese talk openly about the criminals in their midst

The future of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s eternally unfinished church may actually be nearing completion

Looking for Ukrainians to lead the separatist movement

Santa Claus and a dog whisperer among those leading the Ukrainian separatist movement

Take a walk in Berlin a century ago

A film of early-20th century life in the German capital so vivid it will feel like you’ve visited

In Paris, this photo is illegal

Street photography is against the law in the place in which it was born

Queen Victoria’s journals now online

The Empress of India’s 43,765 pages: a record of Britain at its peak that you can’t access for long

A.A. Gill’s magnificent defense of London

Gill — bless him — dispenses with the cheeky cockneys and pearly kings of the imaginary London

Did Gaddafi give Sarkozy 50m euros?

France’s dealings in Africa have often been sordid but Libya had seemed a break from this tradition

For those who think London’s going to hell

Good news: it has been going to hell for 50 years, since the knife fights between Mods and Rockers

What is this photograph showing?

It is chilling once you figure it out

A landmark moment in Turkey

The decades-long shadow play between the military and the state took a most dramatic turn last week

Norway and the loss of innocence

It was always a myth, a very Norwegian way to boast about their own modesty

Daunt Books tote bag, Marylebone, London

The bag that created a security risk in Beirut, Lebanon

A German photographer captures cathode-ray decays

I can even feel the static electricity surge when an old TV was turned off

What am I doing on a bench in Italy on Google Street View

I am writing in my journal about the Google car passing in front of me

Chikashi Miyamoto on bespoke suits and biking for children

Riding from London to Edinburgh to support the UK children’s charity The Place2Be

Diabolik fumetto ‘Il Morto che Ritorna’, Italy, 1995

Italian comic books await a Quentin Tarantino to make them cool again

Twenty weeks of WWII at The Atlantic

All sorts of visual surprises remain of one of the most documented moments in history

French diary from WWII

The cramped hand suggests a shortage of paper, the mysterious letters and numbers hint at a code

The disorder of Spanish politics

Spain is up in arms, again, with revolution in the air

Malcolm Gladwell’s inexplicable indulgence of an anti-Semite

Was the L’Oréal founder and Nazi collaborator merely a pragmatist, as Gladwell contends?

The strange structures off Italy’s Adriatic coast

Italy’s trabocchi fishing platforms are of mythical origin. Are they related to ones in India?

Reading about Sarkozy and French nativists

French cultural insecurity eviscerates the universalism of the Rights of Man

Teenager’s songbook, France, early-1960s

A handwritten record of a French teenager’s musical passions in the early-1960s