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The ancient theater in Sabratha, Libya

Anarchy in post-Gaddafi Libya sends me into storage to find photos I took on my trip there in 2004

How I got to Libya one month after the embargo was lifted

Ten years ago the US lifted its embargo on Libya. I landed a month later. It was complicated

Did Gaddafi give Sarkozy 50m euros?

France’s dealings in Africa have often been sordid but Libya had seemed a break from this tradition

A vial of Saharan sand from the Acacus region in Libya

The Acacus felt so remote that, now, only something as material as sand confirms I was really there

Seif al-Islam captured in the Sahara

Last of the Gaddafi clan was found in the Libyan desert near Ubari, which I visited in 2004

Dreamy visions of Gaddafi at the London Review of Books

Hugh Roberts slams NATO for not negotiating with a man who vowed to fight to the last drop of blood

Are American conservatives the new French?

Libya suggests that conservatives want chest-beating glory more than they want success

The Gaddafi family photo album

Gaddafi made himself a celebrity. Is that why the Times decided to publish his stolen family album?

Gaddafi’s mercenaries reveal all

They are the ‘smart money’ in the stockmarket battlefield and started to flee two weeks ago

The Libya my family knew in the 1960s

These archival videos make Libya look more modern than it was but many who knew it then loved it

Mabrouk, ya Seif al-Islam!

Gaddafi’s son shows up in the night. Did he accidentally reveal where his father is hiding?

They are dancing in Tripoli

Suddenly, the rebels have taken the heart of Libya’s capital and Gaddafi’s end is near

Libya and the end of the neo-colonial argument

Libyans have asked the international community for help; there’s no colonial aggression in doing it

What is in Gaddafi’s Green Book, Part One

In his infamous Green Book, Gaddafi offers his unorthodox solutions to the problem of democracy

What is in Gaddafi’s Green Book, Part Two

In his infamous Green Book, Gaddafi offers his unorthodox solutions on socialism and society

The scene in liberated Benghazi in eastern Libya

The first detailed images out of Libya show thousands in Benghazi celebrating Gaddafi’s demise

Look in his glasses: Gaddafi speaks to no one

Gaddafi speaks but you can see the reflection in his sunglasses: he has no audience.

The surreal experience of visiting Libya

With a Libyan human rights activist, racing through the Tripoli medina alleys to avoid eavesdroppers