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Ta-Nehisi Coates is wrong about Trump voters

True, for many race defined this campaign but stating that bluntly won’t win them back

Syrian-American composer who plays for peace

A symphony for Syria reminds me of Sarajevo and the hope that cosmopolitan tolerance will survive

Japanese doll village

The Japanese village alive with dolls

An imaginative response to the end of rural life in Japan

The Atlantic tries to show how genius happens

To the systems minded, no nitty is too gritty when it explains how things work

I still don’t understand the Higgs boson

The discovery is the e=mc² of our day: it sounds big but few really understand it

The Atlantic opens our eyes to the American Civil War

The US Capitol building under construction and a country tearing itself apart

Gaddafi’s mercenaries reveal all

They are the ‘smart money’ in the stockmarket battlefield and started to flee two weeks ago

What is this photograph showing?

It is chilling once you figure it out


Famine has returned to East Africa but we only noticed now

Twenty weeks of WWII at The Atlantic

All sorts of visual surprises remain of one of the most documented moments in history

The disorder of Spanish politics

Spain is up in arms, again, with revolution in the air

Reading the Atlantic on Facebook in Tunisia

It is the apolitical nature of Facebook that makes it useful to political activists