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Visiting Leila Menchari’s garden in Tunisia

An Hermès exhibit to honor Leila Menchari and my journey to her beloved garden in Tunisia

Two constitutions, one triumph

Tunisia got it right with their new constitution while Egypt reverted to old authoritarian habits

On the Overblown Islamist Threat

Breathe deeply right-wingers: even the former Jordanian foreign minister doesn’t fear the Islamists

On Arab intellectuals during the revolution

Really, did anyone need an intellectual to tell them what the revolution was about?

Beware, dictatorship can return

Voting is the answer, says this campaign in Tunisia

Tunisia votes, Islamists win

This is good news, actually

On Obama’s second big Middle East speech

There has been a revolution in the Arab world but, thus far, no revolution in American thinking

Osama bin Laden killed after 3,519 days of freedom

Osama bin Laden is dead but it is the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions that are killing Al Qaeda

Reading the Atlantic on Facebook in Tunisia

It is the apolitical nature of Facebook that makes it useful to political activists

What the Tunisia revolution looked like

Big, powerful images of the revolution in Tunisia from the Boston Globe’s site ‘The Big Picture’

Reading Slate on the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia

In Tunisia it may be Jasmine but in Lebanon it wasn’t really Cedar