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Looking for Ukrainians to lead the separatist movement

Santa Claus and a dog whisperer among those leading the Ukrainian separatist movement

The New York Times shuts down India Ink

The Times gives up being local everywhere, returns to the parochial interests of a US audience

An unworldly article on the world’s game

The Brazilian game of futevolei is just the Asian sport of sepak takraw and not as impressive

Why we still need newspapers

How a New York Times investigation of Walmart in Mexico changed the future of retail in India

Robin Wright carves up the Middle East

Wright is wrong and her analysis risks looking prescriptive rather than descriptive

The Yugoslav war reappears in Syria

War never ends: it breeds skills that just get applied to perpetrating bad deeds later on

On Egypt’s constitutional referendum

The Muslim Brotherhood has changed its political strategy, a loss for everyone

Bal Thackeray dying in India, violence expected

Of course it is: violence is the Shiv Sena default reaction to anything they don’t like

On viewing the Tatzu Nishi Columbus Circle project

Tatzu Nishi inverts Surrealism and makes you see a public landmark as if for the first time

New York Times op-ed on Syria is wrong about the Obama doctrine

How not to make the case for US intervention in Syria

The Syrian gun market as horoscope

New York Times reporter C. J. Chivers says weapons are expensive so bad things lie ahead

I still don’t understand the Higgs boson

The discovery is the e=mc² of our day: it sounds big but few really understand it

Syria, citizen journalism and the New York Times

The paper of record embraces citizen journalism at last

The ‘unexpected’ China slowdown was entirely foreseeable

Analysts profess surprise at the China slowdown that I saw out the car window in Fujian a year ago

A.A. Gill’s magnificent defense of London

Gill — bless him — dispenses with the cheeky cockneys and pearly kings of the imaginary London

The New York Times opens up its photo morgue

The coolest thing? The backs of the prints. The most surprising? The site is on Tumblr

Unseen Robert Frank photos at the New York Times

Promoting the New York Times on the eve of Robert Frank’s landmark book, ‘The Americans’

Photographer Martin Klimas and the color of sound

Marrying Abstract Expressionism to every heavy metal kid’s discovery that speakers produce air waves

Fashion collective threeASFOUR brings peace to the Middle East

Hardly: Muslim – Jewish cultural ‘togetherness’ is the easy part

Back flips off the destroyed infrastructure in Gaza

Bringing the daredevil leaps of parkour to the bombed-out buildings of the Gaza Strip

On the Overblown Islamist Threat

Breathe deeply right-wingers: even the former Jordanian foreign minister doesn’t fear the Islamists

On Arab intellectuals during the revolution

Really, did anyone need an intellectual to tell them what the revolution was about?

Syria jumps the shark

Syrian TV says Al Jazeera is building movie sets of Syrian cities to film fake rebel victories

The New York Times launches India Ink

Its first ever country-specific blog, on all things Indian. Why I’ve waited twenty years for this