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Tattoo artist Duncan X

This wild video gives new meaning to the phrase ‘body of work.’

Where you can ignore the US ambassador

What presidential donors have to give to get a vacation spot ambassadorship

Rendition and torture: how it happened

Everyone knows by now that the US and UK tortured captives. That should still shock us

Zadie Smith on libraries and the state of the state

How did something as fine and useful as a public library become an ideological issue?

Queen Victoria’s journals now online

The Empress of India’s 43,765 pages: a record of Britain at its peak that you can’t access for long

Arctic Monkeys still rock

They were young and massively hyped when they started. But there’s no denying they’re great

Finally, propaganda I can believe in

The UK Foreign Office makes a stout defense of multiculturalism, just in time for the Olympics

For those who think London’s going to hell

Good news: it has been going to hell for 50 years, since the knife fights between Mods and Rockers

Arab arts and political radicals in London this weekend

And there are cool Arab arts of all sorts in London this summer

The unlikely face of hip-hop

Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop explored the boundaries of sound

1956: Egypt claims Suez, a move called the biggest threat to world peace

A 1956 newsreel announcing that Egypt’s president Nasser has nationalized the Suez Canal, a move it calls the biggest threat to world peace