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The late Omar Sharif in a magazine called Alive

I remember Omar Sharif best for a 1997 interview in a forgotten magazine in Cairo

Take a walk in Berlin a century ago

A film of early-20th century life in the German capital so vivid it will feel like you’ve visited

If you missed the Egyptian royal family…

A film made by the Egyptian royal family about a coup d’état that was lost for nearly sixty years

Marilyn Monroe fifty years on

Marilyn died half a century ago. Gosh, though, she photographed well

Christian Marclay’s The Clock and the essence of film

The most powerful exploration since Sergei Eisenstein of the way in which edits create meaning

Film of a garden party in Alexandria, Egypt c1920s

A lifestyle now lost captured on a film that cannot be watched

Moviebarcodes reveal the mood of a film at a glance

And who knew Stanley Kubrick used color the way Walt Disney did?

Salvador Allende and ‘The Battle of Chile’

‘The Battle of Chile’ is one of the greatest records of a revolutionary political moment ever filmed

1956: Gaza fighting, space cadet elevators, and Grace Kelly

Making news in 1956: Gaza fighting, space cadet elevator operators, Grace Kelly getting married.

‘I Am Cuba’ in all its forms

A masterpiece of camerawork from the Soviets in Cuba

A Spanish shimmy in Havana in 1930

Breakdancing in 1930s Cuba; really, who knew?

A journey through the Khyber Pass in 1930

A journey in 1930 across the Indian frontier into Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass

The Battle of Algiers

My vote for the greatest political film of all time