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Homs, Syria after five years of war

Drone video footage shows there’s no life left in Syria’s third largest city

Syrian-American composer who plays for peace

A symphony for Syria reminds me of Sarajevo and the hope that cosmopolitan tolerance will survive

Activists in Raqqa exposing the Islamic State

We owe a great debt to the people documenting the devastation around them

Looking for Ukrainians to lead the separatist movement

Santa Claus and a dog whisperer among those leading the Ukrainian separatist movement

Were the Turks behind the sarin gas attacks in Syria?

Obama publicly blamed Assad but Seymour Hersh contends Erdoğan was trying to force an attack

The Yugoslav war reappears in Syria

War never ends: it breeds skills that just get applied to perpetrating bad deeds later on

Car bomb in Beirut, invisible map revealed

Even in peacetime, every Beiruti knows which sect ‘owns’ each district

New York Times op-ed on Syria is wrong about the Obama doctrine

How not to make the case for US intervention in Syria

In Syria, the sectarian atrocities will commence shortly

Atrocities are tactical, deployed to shore up loyalty. Moments like this are when they are used

The Syrian gun market as horoscope

New York Times reporter C. J. Chivers says weapons are expensive so bad things lie ahead

Syria, citizen journalism and the New York Times

The paper of record embraces citizen journalism at last

A ride through war-torn Homs

It looks a lot like downtown Beirut after the civil war in the 1970s

On the Egypt revolution and America’s War of 1812

A bad week in Egypt, but profound political change can take a very long time

Looking at the war in Syria

Unlike Gaddafi, Assad has international allies who will protect him so this is likely to get worse

Horst Faas: the man who shot the Vietnam War

Many of the photos we know from the Vietnam War are due to Horst Faas, even ones he didn’t shoot

Caught in the middle of a firefight in Syria

A terrifyingly close view of what it means to fight an irregular war in the middle of a city

Ghost of Judith Miller returns to the NY Times

In the form of Ronen Bergman, whose cover story on Israel attacking Iran reads as propaganda

What the New York police are taught about Islam

Muslims are taking over the world. Run! No, fight! No, run!

The official end of the Iraq debacle

A bad idea, but it will incubate like a latent virus in right-wing circles and return one day

The people we are assassinating in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden’s death was big news but this site tracks the quiet killings

Hipstamatic at war

Who knew this iPhone app was wasted on Williamsburg but is at its best in Kabul

What is this photograph showing?

It is chilling once you figure it out

Twenty weeks of WWII at The Atlantic

All sorts of visual surprises remain of one of the most documented moments in history

Newsreel: ’67 War and party balloons for Red China

Newsreels declare: US neutral in ’67 War in the Middle East and Red China fears party balloons