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My shoot in the Sundarbans near Calcutta

Going off-road and off-grid to document an NGO’s work in West Bengal

Portraits of African elites in India 500 years ago

Who knew Africans ruled parts of India, including Bengal, centuries ago?

The New York Times shuts down India Ink

The Times gives up being local everywhere, returns to the parochial interests of a US audience

Narendra Modi mask at a BJP rally

Why Narendra Modi is a bad choice for India

India is too internally diverse to privilege any single group within society, but Modi will try

My Bhutan video for Hermès

Moments from my journey for Hermès to the best-preserved corner of the Himalayas

Indian studio portraits, 20th century

Trolling the markets of Bombay and Delhi for compelling portraits of ordinary citizens

How great is India’s magazine The Caravan?

Long form reportage, ruthlessly edited, about India and elsewhere. Now you know

In honor of the Delhi centennial

Running to catch the train to India’s capital

Hope or acquiescence in Myanmar?

Aung San Suu Kyi returns to politics, but is she a challenge to the junta or a cover?

Hypnotism for Everybody by Pandit Lakshmi Doss, Chennai, India, 2004

It reflects a particularly Indian fondness for mystical possibility paired with a gift for gab

The French submarines/Pakistan attacks the US scandal

It all ties together, if any of it is true

The New York Times launches India Ink

Its first ever country-specific blog, on all things Indian. Why I’ve waited twenty years for this

Philippe Petit’s new act and a Keralan puppeteer

A Keralan puppeteer, the last known practitioner of her art, performs a high wire act of her own

The strange structures off Italy’s Adriatic coast

Italy’s trabocchi fishing platforms are of mythical origin. Are they related to ones in India?

Seeing Cambodia and Indonesia on the roads of Tamil Nadu in India

There was once a Hindu empire in southeast Asia and reminders of it are everywhere in Tamil Nadu

A journey through the Khyber Pass in 1930

A journey in 1930 across the Indian frontier into Afghanistan through the Khyber Pass