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Sisi builds his regime

Joshua Stacher explains the violence and repression in Egypt

My twenty years in Egypt

My first trip to Cairo was in 1992. Here are some thoughts on how it has changed

The Egyptian Angel of Darkness passes away

For the US, Omar Suleiman was ‘our man in Cairo.’ That only makes it worse

Mubarak the undead

Mubarak, Sharon, Arafat: there are new actors on the stage now and the old men have been forgotten

Mubarak dead. Revolution critical.

The regime has already demonstrated it can survive without Mubarak

What made Khaled Saeed a symbol?

All humans are imperfect but imperfect symbols don’t work: they get vilified for political purposes

Actually, in Egypt now it is Chirac vs Le Pen

Large parts of the political spectrum have no representation at all in the second round

Mubarak gets life in prison, Egypt gets nothing

Mubarak earned the sentence a hundred times over but it does not feel like justice was done

Ahmed Basiony and the cost of revolution

The protesters in Tahrir Square preached non-violence, but the Mubarak regime did not

One year on in Egypt: Art, Politics and Power

The Egyptian revolution happened in the middle of my Egypt novel and I didn’t know what to do about it

The ‘inheritance project’ and Mubarak’s last hours

The film hindi going on behind the scenes during the last days of Egypt’s First Family

Why Mubarak should not be hanged

The old man’s secrets about his odious regime are worth more to Egypt than vengeance

Into the darkness of the New York Times comments section

The central challenge for a superpower: strong views, little knowledge, limitless power to intervene

Was the Egypt revolution a ‘foreseeable surprise’?

Slate says yes, but bungles the argument

On Obama’s second big Middle East speech

There has been a revolution in the Arab world but, thus far, no revolution in American thinking

Reading the New Yorker on Islam and economic growth

The middle class everywhere competes on skills; in Egypt connections matter most. That’s the problem

Prospects for social justice and economic reform in Egypt

Why social justice in Egypt demands more economic reform — true reform, this time — not less

The Muslim Brotherhood had a monopoly. Can they compete?

Mubarak gave the Muslim Brotherhood an unnatural monopoly on opposition. Can they compete?

Triumph at last in Midan at-Tahrir

These 18 days of protests constitute the most beautiful political act I have ever witnessed