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My shoot in the Sundarbans near Calcutta

Going off-road and off-grid to document an NGO’s work in West Bengal

Egypt Independent is strangled in its crib

Independent journalism is a bad business everywhere but in Egypt politics makes it worse

The ‘unexpected’ China slowdown was entirely foreseeable

Analysts profess surprise at the China slowdown that I saw out the car window in Fujian a year ago

The China boom is over. That could be good

Will young Chinese respond to slower economic growth by going into the arts? Or politics?

The New York Times launches India Ink

Its first ever country-specific blog, on all things Indian. Why I’ve waited twenty years for this

The wisdom of the New York Times comments section

Times readers know the debt ceiling debate is bogus, but it works on them anyway

More evidence the China building boom is ending

But here are the astounding numbers on what they’ve built

The great China infrastructure build-out is almost over

China’s building boom has been going on for 20 years; a recent visit to Fujian shows that’s ending.

Reading the New Yorker on Islam and economic growth

The middle class everywhere competes on skills; in Egypt connections matter most. That’s the problem