Tracking the incompetent Trump cabinet

The first 20 days of the Trump presidency show it is worse than we thought in almost every conceivable way. Nearly lost amid the barrage of tweets and soul-destroying executive orders is the unedifying approval process for the rogues gallery Trump has nominated to his cabinet — an early indication of just how bogus the much-vaunted “executive prowess” of which we have heard so much and seen so little really is. To take but one example, consider Ben Carson: by his own acknowledgment, the nominee for Housing and Urban Development knows nothing about his department and lacks the experience to effectively run a government bureaucracy — though it is interesting to note that he still regarded himself sufficiently experienced to run for President of the United States — yet he should sail through confirmation because he is, at worst, in the middle of the pack in comparison to the hack amateurs (Betsy DeVos) and mad ideologues (too many to count, so let’s just mention Jeff Sessions) also set to take over our government.
We’ve seen what incompetent administration looks like before in the bungled relief effort after Hurricane Katrina in 1995 or (a painful comparison) the Soviet response to the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in 1986. Four years is a long time: it is not clear yet which of these people will fall down on the job to catastrophic effect but when the time comes we will want to know which of our senators thought it wise to entrust them with the keys to government. So here is your list, at Hold them accountable.


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