HOW and NOSM mural on the Deitch wall

You have to credit the Basque twins Raoul and David Perre, who go by the street names HOW and NOSM: a day or two after Hurricane Sandy flooded New York and while much of downtown (myself included) was still grappling with a blackout, there they were starting work on their new mural at the curated graffiti wall on Houston St and the Bowery.  It is an intricate, wicked drawing of…well, it’s tough to say.  With its nautilus swirls and long, cut diagonals it seems as much about the division of space as it is representation, but they’re not quite finished with it yet so maybe it will all become clear when they’re done and we can step back and contemplate it at length.  But I will say this: except perhaps for the amazing Retna graf some months ago, I have have never seen passersby so engaged by watching a mural take shape on this wall.


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