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Beirut Art Center at the New Museum in New York

Lebanese artists address how art is changed or destroyed by its display

Photographer Martin Klimas and the color of sound

Marrying Abstract Expressionism to every heavy metal kid’s discovery that speakers produce air waves

The Cincinnati Daguerreotypes of 1848

Exploring in high detail an America that was newly industrializing and soon to war with itself

Portraits from Lima, Peru, 1916

Tiny pictures from Peru of men in uniform and the women they courted

Robert Clark’s extraordinary photos of Peru

They are beautiful but also temporally confusing in unexpected ways

The home life of rock stars, then and now

No one is that glamorous when at home with their parents

Hipstamatic at war

Who knew this iPhone app was wasted on Williamsburg but is at its best in Kabul

What is this photograph showing?

It is chilling once you figure it out

A German photographer captures cathode-ray decays

I can even feel the static electricity surge when an old TV was turned off

What am I doing on a bench in Italy on Google Street View

I am writing in my journal about the Google car passing in front of me

Twenty weeks of WWII at The Atlantic

All sorts of visual surprises remain of one of the most documented moments in history

How my journey to Beirut ended up on an art gallery wall

I had become a migratory subject for the artist Walead Beshty

The disorder of Spanish politics

Spain is up in arms, again, with revolution in the air

You are not alone

Artist Corinne Vionnet captures the banality of seemingly unique travel experiences

Sahrawi refugees photographed by Andrew McConnell

Incredible, luminous figures stand out against landscapes of perpetual night

An evocative group portrait at a cafe in Egypt, 1934

A moment captured during an outing to Roda island in the 1930s

Rare color images of the Great Depression

The Depression in color is caught between deprivation and an idealized small-town American life

How can early-20th century Russia be in color?

The early color photography that changes our view not just of the world but of time

Where the Egypt revolution began

Egypt’s current demonstrations build on years of work by civil society groups

Portrait of Saad Zaghloul, leader of Egypt’s 1919 revolution

The tattered portrait of the man who led the Egyptian revolution of 1919

What the Tunisia revolution looked like

Big, powerful images of the revolution in Tunisia from the Boston Globe’s site ‘The Big Picture’

Debonair portrait: Pontremoli, Italy, 1920

A debonair young man in the 1920s sends his greetings to a lady

Portrait of a couple: Florence, Italy, c1900

A couple on the outskirts of Florence have their portrait taken in the early-1900s

New Italy photos now online

Just back from a couple months in Italy and the new photos are now online