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Where were you on September 11th?

Mapping where I stood on that day, and where others stood around the world at the same moment

Liberal hawk Bill Keller changes his mind on the Iraq war

But the former New York Times executive editor still misses the main reason to have opposed the war

The Gaddafi family photo album

Gaddafi made himself a celebrity. Is that why the Times decided to publish his stolen family album?

In Egypt, the disillusionment sets in

Egypt had half a revolution that now needs to be made whole

The home life of rock stars, then and now

No one is that glamorous when at home with their parents

The wisdom of the New York Times comments section

Times readers know the debt ceiling debate is bogus, but it works on them anyway

Into the darkness of the New York Times comments section

The central challenge for a superpower: strong views, little knowledge, limitless power to intervene

Norway and the loss of innocence

It was always a myth, a very Norwegian way to boast about their own modesty

Seeing the Ryan Trecartin exhibit at PS1

His tedious stories replicate like fractals in a surfeit of superficially distinct artistic choices

The Times’ Roberta Smith explains Ryan Trecartin’s art

Roberta Smith at least makes a case for Trecartin’s merits, unlike Peter Schjeldahl

How the Osama bin Laden news spread on Twitter

It began with a single tweet, not the first with the news but the most trusted

Reading the Times on the architectural symbolism of Cairo

Much right and a few key things wrong about Tahrir Square in Cairo, the center of the revolution

Images of the destruction in Japan

The coast of Japan is transformed by the earthquake and tsunami

Reading about Sarkozy and French nativists

French cultural insecurity eviscerates the universalism of the Rights of Man

Prospects for social justice and economic reform in Egypt

Why social justice in Egypt demands more economic reform — true reform, this time — not less

Reading ‘How Democracy Became Halal’ op-ed in the Times

What a former CIA Middle East specialist gets wrong in his Times op-ed about the Egypt protests