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Reading about Sarkozy and French nativists

French cultural insecurity eviscerates the universalism of the Rights of Man

Teenager’s songbook, France, early-1960s

A handwritten record of a French teenager’s musical passions in the early-1960s

New Year’s surprise: Paris, France, c2006

A gift from Paris that came each New Year’s setting the tenor of the year ahead

1956: Egypt claims Suez, a move called the biggest threat to world peace

A 1956 newsreel announcing that Egypt’s president Nasser has nationalized the Suez Canal, a move it calls the biggest threat to world peace

Tincture of cacao bean: Lyon, France, date unknown

Tincture of cacao, an antiquated medicine best taken with vodka

Tincture of viburnum: Lyon, France, date unknown

The bark of a shrub used as an antispasmodic

Fluid extract bottle: Paris, France, c1870s

The story of a 19th century medicine bottle, from the Marais in Paris

Guerlain container: Paris, late-19th century

A 19th C container by Guerlain, the French perfume house, ends up on the Bowery in New York

Extract for Eucalyptus Syrup: Melun, France, date unknown

An antique bottle of eucalyptus extract for the relief of respiratory ailments

The Battle of Algiers

My vote for the greatest political film of all time