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Mubarak dead. Revolution critical.

The regime has already demonstrated it can survive without Mubarak

On the Egypt revolution and America’s War of 1812

A bad week in Egypt, but profound political change can take a very long time

What made Khaled Saeed a symbol?

All humans are imperfect but imperfect symbols don’t work: they get vilified for political purposes

Actually, in Egypt now it is Chirac vs Le Pen

Large parts of the political spectrum have no representation at all in the second round

Mubarak gets life in prison, Egypt gets nothing

Mubarak earned the sentence a hundred times over but it does not feel like justice was done

In Egypt right now, it is practically Bush vs Gore

A Mohamed Morsy and Ahmed Shafiq runoff would crush those who believed in the revolution

On Egypt’s first (sort of) free and fair presidential election

For the first time ever in Egypt, no one knows in advance who will win the presidency

The hidden sword behind the US-Egypt NGO debacle

The NGOs were operating illegally. The Egyptian regime likes it that way

Did the Renaissance invent individuality in portraiture?

Andrew Butterfield says yes; the Fayum portraits suggest no

Ahmed Basiony and the cost of revolution

The protesters in Tahrir Square preached non-violence, but the Mubarak regime did not

Taking to the air to document a revolution

The remote-controlled toy helicopter comes of age

One year on in Egypt: Art, Politics and Power

The Egyptian revolution happened in the middle of my Egypt novel and I didn’t know what to do about it

The ‘inheritance project’ and Mubarak’s last hours

The film hindi going on behind the scenes during the last days of Egypt’s First Family

Typography and world conquest

This exhibition shows the moment colonial expansion brought the Gutenberg revolution to the world

Why Mubarak should not be hanged

The old man’s secrets about his odious regime are worth more to Egypt than vengeance

The Egyptian police beat protesters senseless

The video is hard to watch but it shows why freedom in Egypt has not yet been won

Sharia El Aziz Osman street sign, Cairo, Egypt

I used to live on this street in Zamalek and have now given it to the protagonist in my novel

What to make of the elections in Egypt?

Millions turned out, but will the electoral process prove worthy of the hopes invested in it?

Egypt votes today, but it’s a mess

The elections were badly organized, the military undermined them, but turnout has been significant

The truth revealed, at last, in Tahrir Square

The military was always an obstacle to democracy. Now everyone can see that

Video of the Egyptian army running over civilians with APCs

But the Egyptian army rules the country, so it is the protesters who face military trials

On the Overblown Islamist Threat

Breathe deeply right-wingers: even the former Jordanian foreign minister doesn’t fear the Islamists

On Arab intellectuals during the revolution

Really, did anyone need an intellectual to tell them what the revolution was about?

My journals on September 11th, 2001

I still can’t believe how slowly I grasped the scale of what was happening that day