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The ‘inheritance project’ and Mubarak’s last hours

The film hindi going on behind the scenes during the last days of Egypt’s First Family

Typography and world conquest

This exhibition shows the moment colonial expansion brought the Gutenberg revolution to the world

Why Mubarak should not be hanged

The old man’s secrets about his odious regime are worth more to Egypt than vengeance

The Egyptian police beat protesters senseless

The video is hard to watch but it shows why freedom in Egypt has not yet been won

Sharia El Aziz Osman street sign, Cairo, Egypt

I used to live on this street in Zamalek and have now given it to the protagonist in my novel

What to make of the elections in Egypt?

Millions turned out, but will the electoral process prove worthy of the hopes invested in it?

Egypt votes today, but it’s a mess

The elections were badly organized, the military undermined them, but turnout has been significant

The truth revealed, at last, in Tahrir Square

The military was always an obstacle to democracy. Now everyone can see that

Video of the Egyptian army running over civilians with APCs

But the Egyptian army rules the country, so it is the protesters who face military trials

On Arab intellectuals during the revolution

Really, did anyone need an intellectual to tell them what the revolution was about?

In Egypt, the disillusionment sets in

Egypt had half a revolution that now needs to be made whole

Where tourists and locals go in Cairo

Genius mash-up map uses Flickr photos to reveal insiders’ favorite areas in cities around the world

Into the darkness of the New York Times comments section

The central challenge for a superpower: strong views, little knowledge, limitless power to intervene

Newsreel: ’67 War and party balloons for Red China

Newsreels declare: US neutral in ’67 War in the Middle East and Red China fears party balloons

Mubarak on trial: should the past be prosecuted?

Forgetting the past is unacceptable, but so too is shelving it through superficial justice

On Obama’s second big Middle East speech

There has been a revolution in the Arab world but, thus far, no revolution in American thinking

An evocative group portrait at a cafe in Egypt, 1934

A moment captured during an outing to Roda island in the 1930s

My grandfather’s sketch of the home he’d found in Cairo in 1956

Part of an effort to entice his family to join him in Egypt in the aftermath of the 1956 war

Reading the Times on the architectural symbolism of Cairo

Much right and a few key things wrong about Tahrir Square in Cairo, the center of the revolution

The truth about travel guidebooks

They are no joy to write and they don’t change as much as you think

Reading the New Yorker on Islam and economic growth

The middle class everywhere competes on skills; in Egypt connections matter most. That’s the problem

Prospects for social justice and economic reform in Egypt

Why social justice in Egypt demands more economic reform — true reform, this time — not less

From Egypt with love

If you’ve spent time in Egypt, the human warmth of this video will be familiar; if you haven’t, go

The Muslim Brotherhood had a monopoly. Can they compete?

Mubarak gave the Muslim Brotherhood an unnatural monopoly on opposition. Can they compete?