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Peter Schjeldahl wanders blind through the Met’s new Islamic wing

He sees only difference where he ought to be able to see centuries of cultural exchange

There’s a soixante-huitard feel to these Occupy protests

Will Zuccotti Park be the Blvd Saint-Michel of our era? These posters suggest a similar spirit

On the Carsten Höller exhibit at the New Museum

There’s too little to experience for an exhibit called ‘Experience’ but the slide is exhilarating

What to make of this 19th C. Arab-Chinese-Peruvian portrait?

Long distance cultural exchange began much earlier than we sometimes imagine

Arab arts and political radicals in London this weekend

And there are cool Arab arts of all sorts in London this summer

Samandal comic book, debut issue, 2008, Beirut, Lebanon

An eclectic mix of graphic styles and languages that captures the cultural mixed-up-ness of Beirut

Seeing the Ryan Trecartin exhibit at PS1

His tedious stories replicate like fractals in a surfeit of superficially distinct artistic choices

Street artist JR on the Deitch wall

And the artist himself no longer goes incognito

Moviebarcodes reveal the mood of a film at a glance

And who knew Stanley Kubrick used color the way Walt Disney did?

Diabolik fumetto ‘Il Morto che Ritorna’, Italy, 1995

Italian comic books await a Quentin Tarantino to make them cool again

The Times’ Roberta Smith explains Ryan Trecartin’s art

Roberta Smith at least makes a case for Trecartin’s merits, unlike Peter Schjeldahl

Is artist Ryan Trecartin any good? Who can tell?

New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl claims he’s great but doesn’t say why

How my journey to Beirut ended up on an art gallery wall

I had become a migratory subject for the artist Walead Beshty

An art opening at Experimenta in Hong Kong

Unusually for Hong Kong, something unexpected might happen

Watching Dante in 3-D in a cathedral, and other New York transgressions

For a night, the New Museum turns all of Nolita into a video art space

What happens when Chinese street artists draw a foreigner’s portrait

Street artists in China draw my portrait, though not well