The cultural destruction of war in the Middle East

My beloved Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo may not be a total loss but much is elsewhere

Focus Festival returns to Mumbai with a video from my previous exhibit

A new video includes photographs I exhibited in Mumbai two years ago

When I stumbled into John Galliano’s greatest show

On John Galliano’s return, a memory of seeing one of his greatest moments

New York City Illustrated, 1910

A century on, a tourist souvenir reveals the architectural wonders of a city long lost

The amazing marginalia of In Search of Fatima

A reader hostile to everything lets her feelings be known

My shoot in the Sundarbans near Calcutta

Going off-road and off-grid to document an NGO’s work in West Bengal

Portraits of African elites in India 500 years ago

Who knew Africans ruled parts of India, including Bengal, centuries ago?

Looking for Ukrainians to lead the separatist movement

Santa Claus and a dog whisperer among those leading the Ukrainian separatist movement

The ancient theater in Sabratha, Libya

Anarchy in post-Gaddafi Libya sends me into storage to find photos I took on my trip there in 2004

My journey to Bolivia for Hermès is out

Le Monde d’Hermès just published my account of my breathtaking trip to the salt flats of Uyuni

The Jeff Koons show at the Whitney is a failure

This exhibit will not change any minds about Koons so what was the point of mounting it?

The New York Times shuts down India Ink

The Times gives up being local everywhere, returns to the parochial interests of a US audience

An unworldly article on the world’s game

The Brazilian game of futevolei is just the Asian sport of sepak takraw and not as impressive

Why we still need newspapers

How a New York Times investigation of Walmart in Mexico changed the future of retail in India

Take a walk in Berlin a century ago

A film of early-20th century life in the German capital so vivid it will feel like you’ve visited

Where the non-Christian Americans are

Christians abound but that does not make the US a Christian country

Japanese doll village

The Japanese village alive with dolls

An imaginative response to the end of rural life in Japan

Narendra Modi mask at a BJP rally

Why Narendra Modi is a bad choice for India

India is too internally diverse to privilege any single group within society, but Modi will try

An Hermes shoe in lights, photo by Sean Rocha

At the Hermès party in New York

I capture how Hermès sees the world but last night New York was invited into the world of Hermès

On the Mario Testino exhibit in Buenos Aires

In Mario Testino’s work everyone always looks like they’re having fun

Were the Turks behind the sarin gas attacks in Syria?

Obama publicly blamed Assad but Seymour Hersh contends Erdoğan was trying to force an attack

Susanita in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 1914

A too-grown-up girl bearing a Diane Arbus expression a century ago on an Argentine beach

Dennis Hlynsky starlings video

Flying things as you have never seen them before

Tracing the patterns of birds and bugs results in something very cool and almost abstract


An archive documenting the Rwandan genocide 20 years on, along with much else