The funniest person I know

Granted, Kali is my sister and this interview for her new Disney sitcom “Liv and Maddie” (starring Dove Cameron as the eponymous twins) barely begins to tap into the hysteria that surrounds her whenever she is being funny. But it gives some hint of it. Years ago, watching her film an episode of the short-lived NBC series “Teachers,” I remember she improvised a gesture in an otherwise scripted sequence that had the camera and boom operators laughing so hard they could barely film the scene.

That’s enough to get me to tune in to a tween show on Disney for which I am somewhat outside the target demographic. It premieres 15 September.


Hat tip to my uncle Philip for finding the interview on YouTube.


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  1. Lynore Banchoff says:

    Hi, I watched this with my granddaughters Mariah and Natalie(twins!). They were encouraged to Google and read and watch anything they could about the show. They(and I) are looking forwards to it. Thanks!!

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