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What to make of the elections in Egypt?

Millions turned out, but will the electoral process prove worthy of the hopes invested in it?

Egypt votes today, but it’s a mess

The elections were badly organized, the military undermined them, but turnout has been significant

What is going on with the Arab League?

They actually did something. Sanctions on Syria won’t work, but it’s a miracle all the same

The truth revealed, at last, in Tahrir Square

The military was always an obstacle to democracy. Now everyone can see that

The Republicans’ fantasy of a Christian theocracy

The Republicans may demonize Islamists, but they think a lot like them

Seif al-Islam captured in the Sahara

Last of the Gaddafi clan was found in the Libyan desert near Ubari, which I visited in 2004

Hope or acquiescence in Myanmar?

Aung San Suu Kyi returns to politics, but is she a challenge to the junta or a cover?

Dreamy visions of Gaddafi at the London Review of Books

Hugh Roberts slams NATO for not negotiating with a man who vowed to fight to the last drop of blood

Video of the Egyptian army running over civilians with APCs

But the Egyptian army rules the country, so it is the protesters who face military trials

Peter Schjeldahl wanders blind through the Met’s new Islamic wing

He sees only difference where he ought to be able to see centuries of cultural exchange

There’s a soixante-huitard feel to these Occupy protests

Will Zuccotti Park be the Blvd Saint-Michel of our era? These posters suggest a similar spirit

The UN calls out the Iranian nuclear program

But what if Iran is just bluffing? Saddam did that and it worked for years

Gavin Russom plays Le Poisson Rouge

He designs and builds his own synthesizers and you can see what he’s up to this Wednesday

The last moment in history to see the tulou

The future is grim for China’s unique, centuries-old communal housing

On the Carsten Höller exhibit at the New Museum

There’s too little to experience for an exhibit called ‘Experience’ but the slide is exhilarating

On the Overblown Islamist Threat

Breathe deeply right-wingers: even the former Jordanian foreign minister doesn’t fear the Islamists

Portraits from Lima, Peru, 1916

Tiny pictures from Peru of men in uniform and the women they courted