A German photographer captures cathode-ray decays

I write the blog for Mountains + Hills, a Zurich-New York creative network and branding agency, and every once in a while I discover something for them that deserves further appreciation.  My latest post is about a young German photographer named Stephan Tillmans who has done a series called ‘Luminant Point Arrays’ capturing old cathode-ray television screens as they are turned off and the image degrades to a spiral of light.  I wrote that the images are “abstract and beautiful, yet intimately familiar to anyone old enough to remember the surge of static electricity that leapt from their bulbous television screens when the night’s entertainment was finished and it was time for bed.”  In fact, I’d entirely forgotten that static electricity surge from old TVs until looking at these images but there is something about them that makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.

Click here to see more images from this series by Stephan Tillmans.


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