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Rare color images of the Great Depression

The Depression in color is caught between deprivation and an idealized small-town American life

How can early-20th century Russia be in color?

The early color photography that changes our view not just of the world but of time

Libya and the end of the neo-colonial argument

Libyans have asked the international community for help; there’s no colonial aggression in doing it

Images of the destruction in Japan

The coast of Japan is transformed by the earthquake and tsunami

A look inside Japan’s massive earthquake

Terrifying video footage of a Japanese supermarket as the earthquake hit

The truth about travel guidebooks

They are no joy to write and they don’t change as much as you think

Reading about Sarkozy and French nativists

French cultural insecurity eviscerates the universalism of the Rights of Man

A graph of our obsessions

A graphic of our fears, from killer wasps to swine flu. We panic, then get over it

Teenager’s songbook, France, early-1960s

A handwritten record of a French teenager’s musical passions in the early-1960s

Seeing Cambodia and Indonesia on the roads of Tamil Nadu in India

There was once a Hindu empire in southeast Asia and reminders of it are everywhere in Tamil Nadu

Michael Bierut’s 100 day design project

Legendary designer Michael Bierut forces great design through repetition, with surprising results

What is in Gaddafi’s Green Book, Part One

In his infamous Green Book, Gaddafi offers his unorthodox solutions to the problem of democracy

What is in Gaddafi’s Green Book, Part Two

In his infamous Green Book, Gaddafi offers his unorthodox solutions on socialism and society

1957: Israelis protest UN demand to withdraw from the Sinai

In a newsreel after Israel’s 1956 invasion of Egypt, Israelis rally in Tel Aviv against UN demands to withdraw from the Sinai

New Year’s surprise: Paris, France, c2006

A gift from Paris that came each New Year’s setting the tenor of the year ahead